Shahrukh Khan Furious at Hrithik Roshan for Flirting with Gauri?

A crack is forming in the friendship between Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. After rumors of Shahrukh’s affair with Priyanka Chopra began making the rounds, Hrithik somewhat publicly sided with the Khans.

More specifically, he sided with Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan by tweeting a photo of himself with her and remarking “With the most beautiful and talented girl in the world! And hottest if I may add! Gauri Khan!!! Watch out world, she’s about to arrive.” The photo was sweet, with Gauri smiling as Hrithik gave her a friendly hug. And with it Hrithik sent a clear message to Priyanka Chopra: You may be my co-star but I won’t stand for you ruining my friend Gauri’s life.

This should have gone down well with Shahrukh Khan. After all, the affair rumors are supposed to be just that: rumors. You’d think Shahrukh would be happy to see his friends and fellow actors protecting his wife’s dignity and reputation. But it seems that isn’t exactly the case. In fact, SRK isn’t at all happy about Hrithik’s gesture!

At least that’s the rumor, though of course as is natural with these things the reason isn’t given. Perhaps Shahrukh wasn’t happy with Duggu getting involved in his private life, or maybe SRK didn’t approve of how intimately Hrithik Roshan was behaving with Gauri.

Or maybe, like so many of the stories floating around about Shahrukh Khan, there’s nothing going on at all.

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